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    What Does it Cost to Create a Beautiful, Sustainable Landscape?

    There are many metaphors we have thrown out over the years to prospective clients, friends, and even family when answering questions relating to the costs associated with landscaping.

    Most questions start with, “What would it cost for me to…”

    Plant a privacy hedge?
    Install a brick paver patio?
    Establish a perennial garden?
    Construct a retaining wall?

    You get the idea.  This could be as open ended of a question as, “How much is my next vacation going to cost?”  Of course there are some obvious cost drivers for landscape installations such as; length, height and overall area, but there are other considerations when estimating project costs.  Variations in material selection, access to the site, and scope of the project can also have a profound effect on the overall projected costs.

    We always try to encourage our prospects to not just look at the cost of a particular component of a project, but the entire project itself when considering a budget.  It is very much like researching what the engine of a car costs and going into a dealership with that number in mind when negotiating the price of an entire vehicle.  Similarly, if you were to price out Tenderloin Fillets at a butcher, you would not expect to see a similar price for the same item on the menu of a 5 star restaurant.

    When considering a patio for example, it is more advantageous to compare the project to the remodeling of a kitchen or bathroom, rather than just the cost of the stone or brick for the patio, or a simple square foot price.  In the case or a kitchen remodel, you don’t just get the price of the flooring as an accurate metric of cost; but look at all of the components to build a realistic budget for the project.

    A typical patio construction project may include; modifications to grading and drainage to accommodate new patio area, new stoop construction, retaining or seat walls, planting bed preparation, planting, lighting and site restoration.



    Our design team would be happy to work through a conceptual plan and estimating exercise for your next landscape project.  The goal being that you end up, not just with a patio space or hedge row, but with a beautiful outdoor room, in your target budget, adding value to your home, that matures into your own private oasis for years to come. Contact us now to get started.

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