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    Add bulbs to your garden now for a burst of spring color!

    It’s not quite time to hang up the gardening tools just yet.  Even though it’s quite cold and you may even see some snowflakes, now is the best time to plant bulbs for a punch of color in the spring.  There are many bulbs to chose from, the super early ones, like Snow Crocus or Winter Aconite, that will pop up when snow is still on the ground to late blooming Alliums that will give you color into late spring and even early summer!

    Bulbs are relatively cheap when it comes to plants.  So they are a great way to add to your garden if you are on a budget.  Most bulbs will naturalize and continue to “pop” up in the garden year after year.  Some bulbs, although gorgeous to start, might only have a few good years.  Grab those catalogs and research those plants and start planning for spring.

    Tulips and Hyacinths are sometimes used as annuals, that’s because the first spring they bloom will most likely be their best display as they rapidly decline after that.  Daffodils will form colonies that will blossom year after year.  There are quite a few smaller bulbs available, and although small they can produce a mighty display when planted en mass.  Grape Hyacinth is a tiny work horse that should be in every garden as well as Crocus, Snowdrops, Siberian Squill and many more.  Lastly the Alliums will be the fireworks of your garden.  Often blooming late spring into early summer, with varieties that can be 3-4′ tall with flowers 6-8″ wide, they are a surefire hit!  There are many varieties of Allium, some of the larger flower types (as mentioned) but there are also smaller flowers (size and height) available that will pop up in your garden!

    So get those tools back out and start planting those little packages of sunshine know as bulbs!

    Don’t have time?  Give us a call there is still a good selection of bulbs to chose from that we can get in the ground for you!

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