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    5 Trends to look for in 2020

    Vertical gardening.

    Limited on space?  Have a bare wall or fence?  Make your garden an integral part of your space by designing vertically; this is a great way to draw attention to an area or disguise an unattractive view.  It can be as simple as a climbing vine or an elaborately planted wall system.  If you are feeling adventurous there are many DIY ideas on how to go vertical!

    raised planter


    It’s all about sustainability.  Renewing and reusing materials.  There are many options for the homeowner to do their part in composting; whether it be kitchen scraps or landscape waste, there is an option for everyone.  Compost is a great way to reduce waste, reintroduce nutrients and fertility to your garden.  Check out our blog on Vermicomposting, a great way to start small!


    Double Duty.

    Plants that do double duty.  When checking out the garden center we often go for what looks good right now.  But think about what other purpose they bring to the garden.  Maybe in between those brightly colored annuals you could incorporate some fun herbs, fruits or vegetables.  Not only can they be pretty, they serve for feeding yourself and wildlife!  Another great plant quality is scent.  There are lots of scented plants that will draw you into your garden.  Scented plants can provoke memories of days past, create a calming atmosphere and even some scents can repel mosquitoes!


    Water features.

    The sound of water in a garden can be quite relaxing and refreshing.  An escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the modern world.  It’s also a great way to attract wildlife to your garden.  We like to include water features in most of our designs.  Check them out!

    water feature, garden fountain

    Low Maintenance.

    The idea of low maintenance is almost always on someone’s list.  When designing your garden/landscape remember to select plants for the proper location.  Be sure they are the right size for the right spot, have adequate light and water requirements.  Because if they don’t you’ll spend more time trying to get those plants to grow or tame a wild beast than actually just enjoying your space.

    low maintenance garden

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