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A very hot trend… FIRE PITS

Homeowners often ask to incorporate fire pits to their master landscape plans – which we love to do! It brings families together in the evenings. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows or having a glass of wine near a warm, crackling fire it’s a great way to get outdoors during & after the twilight hour. Our designers love to place them as a destination area in the yard, nestled around some vegetation. There are so many styles and materials you can use to make each fire pit stand out & unique. Look at your backyard when you get home, do you see a good spot for one?!

Large boulders with gravel seating area – rustic, relaxed style.

A little more permanent than a gravel seating area – here’s a tight jointed flagstone patio with dry stacked stone fire pit. Love the chairs!!

A more formal approach would be a dimensional bluestone patio with a mortar stone fire pit. This style is definitely one of the more popular options.

A great example of a fire pit nestled in the natural woodland setting. So peaceful and private.

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Birds Eye View…

Drones are an excellent tool to capture the landscape at an entirely different vantage point, with stunning results. While we create our landscape plans on paper they are a simplistic view from above, and it’s a visual perspective we don’t normally see (unless we are flying in a plane!). But with drones we now have the opportunity to revisit the site and see the complete landscape in all its glory. This is very exciting for our Van Zelst team. While following the Federal Aviation Administration rules and getting permission from our clients, we are getting fantastic footage this year.

Drones are becoming increasing more popular and more user friendly so if you are looking for a new hobby – this might be it! Just remember to fly a drone, even as a hobby, it needs to only be registered. Do your research as there are FAA rules that need to be followed when flying your drone. Check out this article on the best drones out there by The Wirecutter.

Happy Flying!!


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