Ready for the Deep Freeze?

We admit that we aren't, either. But around this time of year, people begin to turn their attention indoors and, beyond getting the leaves raked, aren't really thinking about the garden. Certainly, many of the flowers are done blooming, and plants are getting ready to go dormant for the winter months. But late-season plants and grasses are still at their best. And steps you take now will ensure the healthiest possible landscape next spring.

Things to do in the autumn garden:
  • Replace annuals with mums, asters and other flowers that thrive in cooler weather.
  • Attend to the flower beds—planting new bulbs, dividing perennials and removing weeds that can harbor insects and disease.
  • Plant any new trees, and be prepared to prune and fertilize existing trees after they've gone dormant for the winter.
  • Keep watering trees and shrubs—especially if they've been recently planted—until the ground is fully frozen.
  • Winterize your pond or fountain by cleaning out debris, bringing pumps inside and preparing fish and plants for the cold.
  • Starting thinking about how you'd like to decorate the outside of your home for the holidays. The Van Zelst team can help you hang boughs and lights without damaging trees, plantings or hardscape.
And over the next several months, while you're enjoying a cocoa or brandy in front of the fire, consider what you'd like to see happen in your garden next year. Then talk to the Van Zelst team about bringing your ideas to life.

Reining In Runoff with Permeable Pavers

Drainage is a major issue for homeowners in Chicago, northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. When water doesn't drain properly, it can pool in gardens or on walkways, leak into basements, and cause damage to plants. Replacing impervious paving, such as a concrete driveway, with pervious alternatives allows water to filter into the ground below. As a result, runoff, erosion and flooding are reduced.

Permeable pavers are available in a wide range of attractive stone and concrete styles, and can typically be installed without costly underground drainage systems. Best of all, nearby plants may benefit, too, and require less supplemental watering.

Let Us Raise Your Holiday Spirits

From elegant twinkling lights to a full-blown holiday extravaganza, holiday decorations bring a smile—and grimace—to many a homeowner's face. After all, the decorations are lovely. But putting them up on a cold December Saturday and taking them down during January's chill can deflate even the most buoyant holiday spirit.

This year, let Van Zelst do the heavy lifting. Our professional crews enjoy working outdoors in all weather—and they hang and remove lights and other decorations carefully, to protect trees, shrubs, hardscape and your home. Call us today to get on our holiday list.

For answers to all your landscaping questions, or to work with Van Zelst to create the perfect environment for your family, drop us an e-mail or give us a call at 847.623.3580.

All the best,

Dave Van Zelst

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